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The beginning 1952 - 2004

The story of the yacht "Seagull II" begins in 1952, the year of its construction in the shipyard Uljanik in Pula. Belonging to the "Six poets" series and named after Vladimir Nazor, the well-known Croatian author, she had just reached the end of an incredible 50-year service as a coastal passenger ship connecting the cities of Dubrovnik, Rijeka, Kotor and Split. With a poor network of roads, this was the most convenient means of transport in the 1950’s and the small ship was licensed to carry an astonishing 700 passengers. Quality Sulzer diesel engines provided enough speed to reach a cruising velocity of 14 knots. "Jadrolinija" was rightly proud of this ship in its fleet that still exists and operates in the Adriatic.

In the following years "Vladimir Nazor" was gradually downgraded, and after being sold, was renamed Biser Jadrana (Pearl of the Adriatic). For several years it was an excursion boat between Istria and Venice. For the similar reasons she was brought to Dalmatia where Split was her base and was then used as an excursion cruiser until 2004. However, this was only for a short period of time and the boat soon became the property of "Cruise Services Ltd." The new owner of "Seagull II" was attracted by her elegant lines and cruiser stern which gives her the appearance of a 1930s ocean liner miniature version.

The beginning

The refurbishment years 2004 - 2005

Her "renaissance" happened in 2004-05 when she was rebuilt as a luxury motor yacht, with the look of an "old-timer", following the appearance of luxury motor yachts of the first half of the 20th century. For this reason, her interior decoration has the patina of the past times and the features of the Art Nouveau.


The entire interior decoration is a replica of the late Art Nouveau, with the first signs of the coming Modernism. It consists of several elements (columns, friezes, endings, handrails), repeated throughout the ship, creating a recognizable visual mark.


Besides the late Art Nouveau interior decoration and furniture, the ship boasts a large number of art works of the same epoch. All floors in the dining salons, the main and other salons, are covered with quality and resistant unique carpets. All ceilings are lined with tongue-and-groove plywood, covered with "alcantar" in a solid-wood lattice screen.


With her new spirit, the Seagull II brings back the splendor of the past times.


The refurbishment years

Our Famous guests

Some of our famous guests were Bono Vox and Frederik André Henrik Christian, Crown Prince of Denmark. 

In particular, we would emphasize Josip Broz Tito, becouse without his influence Seagull II would not be what it is today. 

Our Famous guests